If you want to moderately increase the size of your breasts with natural-looking results, you may want to consider cosmetic procedures such as a fat transfer to breasts. Unlike traditional breast augmentation, this procedure uses your body’s own fat to enhance the volume of your breasts naturally. Before you schedule a consultation at MG Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ, learn everything to know about this alternative breast augmentation procedure.

How Much Can You Increase Breast Size With a Fat Transfer?

On average, people who use a fat transfer to breasts can increase their cup size by at least one to one and a half cups. The moderate increase in your breast volume is typically significant enough to elevate your body profile, balance your body proportions, and restore your self-confidence. One of the reasons why fat transfer to breasts is so popular is because of the moderate, natural-looking results.

What Factors Influence Your New Breast Size?

There are a few factors that may influence how much you can increase your breast size. As you might imagine, the amount of fat harvested from other areas of your body is one of the most influential factors in determining your new breast size. The more fat that is harvested and placed in the breasts, the more volume will be added to your new breasts. Other factors that will influence your new breast size include:

Quality of Harvested Fat

The quality of harvested fat needs to be good. When harvested fat is high quality, the fatty tissues have a better chance of surviving the fat transfer and remaining in the breast tissue. This is generally why fat is removed from fatty areas of the body, such as the buttocks and stomach, since the fat cells in these areas are more resilient.

Skin Elasticity

The skin elasticity of your breasts may also impact the size of your new breasts. For example, if your natural breasts have a good deal of loose skin, then more fat can be injected into the breasts to increase breast volume. By contrast, breasts with tighter skin tissue can only handle a small amount of transferred fat.

If you have tighter breast tissue and you still want to increase your breast size more significantly, your surgeon may be able to use a special device during your procedure to stretch your skin so that your breasts can have more volume. Or you may want to explore other breast augmentation procedures, such as breast implants with saline or silicone material.

What Is This Procedure Like?

This procedure will generally take about three hours to complete. During the surgery, liposuction will be used to remove unwanted fat from other areas of the body. Once an adequate amount of fat has been harvested, the fat will be processed and purified to prepare for injection into the breasts.

The injection method itself minimizes trauma to the body, which is why people who use fat transfer to breasts have a shorter recovery time than those who use other breast augmentation procedures. For example, it may take a few additional weeks to fully recover from breast implants because the surgical method is more invasive.

When Will You See Results?

You will generally be able to enjoy your final results about four to six weeks after your procedure. This is how long it will take for the new fat cells to settle into the breast tissue and for any residual swelling from the procedure to fade away.

Your initial results will show a moderate to significant increase in breast volume. That said, your optimal results may not be visible for a few more weeks, depending on how well transferred fat has settled into your breasts and how well you’ve recovered from the procedure.

What Is Your Recovery Time?

The initial recovery time will usually take one to three days. This is the period in which most people take time off of work, particularly if they have a demanding or physically laborious job. During your recovery time, you will have several restrictions, including avoiding hot water, avoiding lifting over one to two pounds, and avoiding strenuous activity.

Your recovery time is usually easier when you follow the proper aftercare instructions. For example, by wearing compression garments, you can recover from the liposuction procedure and the fat transfer procedure at the same time. You may be able to use over-the-counter pain medications to reduce discomfort after your procedure. You may need to attend follow-up appointments during your recovery time.

Will You Need a Compression Bra?

It’s highly recommended that you use a compression bra or sports bra for up to 20 hours a day for the first month after you have a breast procedure. Wearing a tight-fitting, supportive bra will encourage the healing process and ensure that your breasts heal in the desired shape.

Along with a compression bra, you will likely need to wear compression garments on any area that has been treated with liposuction. Your surgeon will give you more information about how to use compression garments correctly.

What’s the Best Way To Sleep After Surgery?

After your fat transfer to breasts, you should try to sleep on your back as much as possible. Ideally, during the first several days or weeks after your procedure, you should sleep with your upper body slightly elevated so that you can reduce swelling in your sleep. Most people will be able to sleep on their sides or in their favorite sleeping position about six weeks after their procedure.

Should You Massage Your Breasts?

Unlike other breast augmentation procedures, it can be a good idea to lightly massage your breasts every day to aid in the healing process. Lightly massaging breasts after the fat transfer will help the new fat settle into breast tissues. You will likely receive specific instructions on how to properly massage your breasts during the recovery time.

When Can You Start Exercising?

You should avoid all strenuous activity for at least six weeks. Usually, a surgeon will clear you to resume your normal exercise routine six to eight weeks after your procedure, since this is when your breasts will be fully healed. During exercise, it’s important to continue wearing supportive sports bras, particularly if you are engaging in high-intensity workouts, weight lifting, or cardiovascular activities.

Are Results Permanent?

Yes, the results of a fat transfer to breasts are permanent. This is because the fat cells that are placed into the breast will not die off over time. Just like any other breast augmentation procedure, the longevity of your results will usually last for a decade or longer, depending on lifestyle factors.

How Does Weight Loss Affect Breast Size?

Although the results of a fat transfer should be permanent, your overall body weight can affect your breast size. For example, if you lose a significant amount of body weight, then your natural breast size will decrease. Even the newly transferred fat in your breasts will respond to significant weight loss.

By the same token, gaining a significant amount of weight will also increase your breast size. This is something to be aware of if you plan on becoming pregnant in the future since pregnancy weight and breastfeeding can also increase breast size.

Do Results Feel Natural?

One of the main appeals of a fat transfer is the fact that the results of this procedure will feel natural. Although breast implants can greatly improve the volume, profile, and shape of the breasts, the results typically do not look or feel natural. If you are interested in natural-looking results, then a fat transfer is an ideal option for you.

Is a Fat Transfer to Breasts Better Than Breast Implants?

A fat transfer can be a better option for some people who are interested in increasing the volume of the breasts. For example, fat transfer is a superior option if you only want to increase breast size by one cup, whereas breast implants are a better option if you want to increase your breast size by more than one cup. Your aesthetic of goals will determine which breast augmentation procedure is best for you.

Get Natural Results With Fat Transfer to Breasts

If you want natural-looking results, then a fat transfer that uses your body’s own fat to increase breast volume can be an ideal option for you. This procedure can increase the size of your breasts by at least one cup and produce long-lasting results. Contact MG Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ, to schedule your initial consultation today. 

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