Natural Breast Enhancement

Many women desire breast enhancement without having to live with a foreign object under their skin. Our breast fat grafting procedure uses safe, effective techniques to add volume to the breast contours utilizing the body’s natural tissues. MG Plastic Surgery can help you achieve your optimal silhouette in our beautiful Scottsdale office.

What Is Breast Fat Grafting?

Breast fat grafting increases the volume of the breasts using the patient’s fat tissue. Using liposuction to remove fat from another area of the body – such as the thighs, waist, or hips – breast fat grafting enhances the shape and alters the position of the breasts for a natural-looking chest enhancement.

Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Manuel Gigena brings personalized surgical care that considers the patient’s unique anatomical form. His compassionate and caring approach combines artistic skill and technical expertise to enhance a woman’s natural beauty. From the moment you walk through the door of our warm and friendly Scottsdale office, you will feel safe, comfortable, and cared for all the way through your healing process.

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Candidates for Breast Fat Grafting

You may be a candidate for breast augmentation using fat grafting if you want to enhance your breast size naturally without using breast implants. Fat transfer breast augmentation offers a modest size increase. If you want a more substantial breast augmentation, our traditional breast augmentation procedure using implants may be a better fit for the results you desire. A consultation with Dr. Gigena can help you determine the best augmentation method for your current breast size and desired outcome.

What Are the Benefits?

Enjoy the natural look and feel of your fuller, shapelier breasts with breast fat grafting. Because this procedure avoids the use of implants, there is none of the risks associated with implants, such as rejection, rupture, leakage, rippling, malposition, capsular contracture, or other complications. Using your body’s fat allows the enhancement to be naturally integrated with your existing tissues with less risk of side effects. A side benefit of the procedure is the ability to sculpt the harvested areas for a more attractive body contour.

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Procedure Details

Breast fat grafting combines liposuction with fat injections to artistically enhance the breasts using the body’s fat cells. Using local anesthesia and sedation, Dr. Gigena will perform liposuction to harvest excess fat from parts of the body with a surplus – typically the thighs, buttocks, back, abdomen, or hips.

The harvested fat cells are spun through a centrifuge, isolating the purified fat cells for reinjection into the breasts. Dr. Gigena carefully injects small quantities of fat using artistic precision to achieve your desired shape and volume. The procedure can enlarge the breasts up to one or two sizes.

Breast fat grafting takes approximately one or two hours to complete. Dr. Gigena will wrap your breasts in a protective surgical dressing to support your newly enhanced breasts. The areas receiving liposuction will also be dressed in surgical compression garments to aid the healing process.

Recovery Process

Recovery from your fat transfer breast augmentation is typically smooth and straightforward. The breasts and donor sites may be bruised or swollen for the first few days after your procedure. Most patients can return to light work after one week but avoid heavy lifting. You may resume your regular daily activities within a few weeks.

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Your Results

Women see the outstanding results of breast fat grafting immediately after the procedure. The appearance of your breasts will continue to improve as your body heals post-surgery. Once the recovery is complete, you will see beautiful, natural-looking breasts that enhance your silhouette without visible scarring.

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