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Medically necessary breast surgery is a big decision. Unlike cosmetic breast surgery, which is an elective procedure, medical breast surgery isn’t always voluntary and is generally sought as a life-saving treatment. At MG Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ, our experts understand that making the decision to have a mastectomy deserves compassionate care and attention.

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The decision to undergo any cancer treatment can be very distressing, so it is essential to have a compassionate professional by your side, delivering exceptional care throughout the process. Dr. Manuel Gigena brings a warm, friendly bedside manner to help you feel at ease as you navigate the journey toward being cancer-free. A mastectomy requires advanced skill and experience to eliminate all cancerous tissues, and Dr. Gigena is a qualified double-board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in reconstructive breast procedures.

What Is a Mastectomy?

A mastectomy is a breast surgery that removes the entire breast tissue that may be affected by abnormal or cancerous cells. This surgery essentially removes the breasts from the body in order to prevent the spread of cancerous cells. Sometimes, this procedure can also remove muscles from the chest wall or lymph nodes beneath the arm, depending on the diagnosis and the needs of the patient.

The decision to have this particular breast surgery is usually determined by consultation, a thorough examination of affected breast tissue, and other medical information. This surgery can be performed on one or both breasts. There are a few variations that may be more appropriate for your medical needs and your aesthetic goals.

Mastectomy With Breast Reconstruction

It is common to pair this breast surgery with breast reconstruction. A breast reconstruction surgery essentially creates artificial breasts that mimic the appearance of your natural breasts. During your breast surgery, skin-sparing techniques will be used so that the nipple, areola, and skin of the breast can be used to reconstruct the breasts.

Breast reconstruction involves the use of saline, silicone, or gummy bear implants. Your implant material will affect the appearance and feel of the artificial breasts; likewise, the shape of the implants will also determine what your breasts will look like after you have recovered from the procedure. We will guide you through the process of selecting the implants that will meet your aesthetic requirements.

Partial Mastectomy

Also called a lumpectomy, this surgery removes only a small to moderate portion of affected breast tissue. A lumpectomy is an ideal treatment for women who need to remove abnormal cells but who also want to preserve as much breast tissue as possible.

Depending on how much breast tissue was removed during the lumpectomy, it’s possible to combine this treatment with minor reconstructive techniques that will preserve the appearance of the breasts. Fat grafting, fat transfers, and even small implants can be used to maintain the appearance of the breasts.

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Reasons for Mastectomy

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the primary reason women seek breast surgery. Breast cancer can be very aggressive and spread quickly through the breast tissue, which necessitates the removal of all breast tissue to stop the further spread of abnormal genes.

Although chemotherapy and radiation can be effective treatments for some women, those who have advanced breast cancer or breast cancer that appears likely to advance quickly may benefit from breast surgery. In fact, breast surgery to remove abnormal tissue is a common treatment element for many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

BRCA Gene Mutation

The BRCA gene mutation is another common reason to seek breast surgery. Both the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations are indicators carried by women who have a genetic history of breast cancer. In other words, women who had mothers, aunts, or grandmothers with breast cancer may also carry genes that cause breast cancer.

For that reason, women who test positive for either BRCA gene mutation may choose to have breast surgery as a preventative measure. This means that younger women may seek bilateral surgery or a lumpectomy to prevent the future development of breast cancer. Because women with BRCA gene mutations are more likely to develop cancer in both breasts, bilateral surgery is generally the best option to prevent cancer development.

Wonderful experience from beginning to end. Thank you for the beautiful work you did, Doctor! I'm so happy with my results. Great staff and environment!

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