Flatten Your Stomach

If you’ve lost a lot of weight or had a baby, a tummy tuck can be the best option to restore your abdominal contouring to a slimmer appearance. At MG Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ, we offer our patients two versions of this procedure: the mini tummy tuck and full abdominoplasty. 

What Is Abdominoplasty? 

With the goal of sculpting and flattening your abdominal region, Dr. Gigena removes extra fat and skin tissue and reshapes the abs. As a result, you can regain the slim, flat stomach you may have had trouble achieving solely through a good diet and exercise.

Because every patient has different needs, we will discuss your situation with you before proceeding. If we decide that abdominoplasty is the way to go, we will determine whether you need the full version or a slightly less invasive procedure.

Meet Your Doctor

A tummy tuck requires precision and expertise, and Dr. Manuel Gigena at MG Plastic Surgery uses the safest techniques to deliver an outstanding surgical experience. His compassionate approach to patient care will put you at ease in his comfortable Scottsdale office, so you can experience peace of mind as you transform your body to your desired aesthetic. 

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How It Works

When you contact us with concerns about your abdominal area, we invite you to an initial consultation. During this meeting, Dr. Gigena and the team can speak to you about your goals, other previous methods you have tried, and the initial cause of the issue. We will also analyze your medical records and ask you about any health concerns you currently have.

Because it is an invasive procedure, we will carefully evaluate whether you’re a good candidate at this time. If so, we can then decide what type of abdominoplasty is most suitable. Before making a final decision, you will be given all the relevant information about pre- and post-treatment care and what will happen during surgery.

The Mini Tummy Tuck

Many people do not have large amounts of excess skin or significantly protruding abdominal muscles. They simply have trouble losing that last bit of fat tissue in their stomach area and need some help to achieve the sculpted look they desire. In such cases, it is not necessary to perform full abdominoplasty. 

The mini tummy tuck focuses on the excess fat and skin in the abdominal area below the belly button without addressing separated or weakened abdominal muscles. By removing some fat and skin, this procedure helps the patient regain their naturally beautiful shape.

Full Abdominoplasty

Sometimes, both the upper and lower regions of the abdomen need work, and the abdominal wall has been stretched so much that the muscles cannot regain their original shape without surgical intervention. This can happen during pregnancy or when a patient has gained an excessive amount of weight. For a more significant change, full abdominoplasty is a better option.

This procedure tightens the muscles and fascia of your abdomen, removes excess fat and skin tissue, and repositions your belly button. Often, we combine this treatment with liposuction, so you can lose those last few pounds and get back to your ideal shape at the same time.


Dr. Gigena will likely take two to five hours to perform your surgery, depending on which type of abdominoplasty you choose and how much tissue has to be removed. If you decide to have liposuction simultaneously, it may take longer than if you only want to tighten the muscles and remove extra skin. You won’t feel any pain during the operation because you’ll be under general anesthesia unless you have minor surgery.


You will likely need to take some time off work to recover, and you’ll need to wait to exercise for four to six weeks after your surgery. After six weeks, you will be able to see your final results. Because skin and fat cells do not grow back in adults, this treatment is considered permanent. Gaining additional weight can change the shape of your stomach, so we recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle to enjoy your new physique long-term.

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Regain a Slim Abdomen

Undergoing a tummy tuck at MG Plastic Surgery can be a great way to firm up and sculpt your abdominal area. Patients love the fact that the results are permanent, so it can reverse the negative effects that pregnancy has on a woman’s body and remove loose skin caused by weight loss. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for abdominoplasty in Scottsdale, AZ.

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