Regain Lifted Breasts

If you have been missing your firm, lifted breasts from years ago, whether you went through childbirth, weight loss, or simply the natural aging process, a breast lift can raise and reshape the breasts and areolae to give them perkier, more desirable contours. At MG Plastic Surgery, our breast lift surgery can boost your confidence by helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. 

What Is a Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery raises sagging breasts to add volume and improve the contour of the bustline. Dr. Gigena takes into account each patient’s unique anatomy and personalizes the approach to their specific needs. Utilizing the most advanced techniques, Dr. Gigena removes excess tissue and skin while repositioning the breasts to create a more desirable silhouette.

Meet Your Doctor

Any surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the breasts requires both technical and artistic skills and an eye for the unique anatomy of each patient. Dr. Manuel Gigena has dedicated his life’s work to improving the health and appearance of his patients in Scottsdale, AZ. Within his care, you will receive customized enhancements and a compassionate bedside manner to help you feel at ease.

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Breast Lift Techniques

There are a few surgical techniques, each involving a different type of incision based on the individual’s body type, the size and shape of the breasts, the position and size of the areolas, the quality of skin elasticity, and the degree of volume loss.

Donut Incision

The donut incision, also known as the concentric incision, traces around the edge of the entire areola, making it nearly invisible once healed. Typically performed on patients with smaller breasts and only mild drooping, donut mastopexy preserves the sensation of the nipples and leaves the least visible scar. Although a simple and quick procedure, it offers the least control and works best for a less extensive lift.

Lollipop Incision

Also called the circumvertical incision, the lollipop incision traces around the areola, much like the donut technique, and then continues with a vertical line tracing down to the bottom crease of the breast, like the shape of a lollipop. For women with larger or mid-sized breasts and only moderate drooping, this technique allows for more control of the breast contour by reshaping underlying tissues and removing excess skin. 

Anchor Incision

The anchor technique, also known as the inverted T incision, traces around the areola, vertically down to the bottom crease of the breast, and then horizontally along the lower crease to the chest wall. This approach offers the most dramatic lift and is ideal for large breasts, significant drooping, or inelastic skin. The areolae can be reshaped or shifted to a higher position, and excess skin can be removed to improve the appearance. 

Good Candidates for a Breast Lift

Women with concerns about the impact that sagging and stretching have had on how their breasts look may be ideal candidates for breast lift surgery.

Patients seeking this type of procedure have downturned nipples, asymmetrically laying breasts, areolas falling below the lower breast crease, drooping breast tissue, or overstretched skin.

Additionally, good candidates have the following traits:

  • At least 18 years old
  • In good physical health
  • Stable in their weight
  • Realistic in their goals and expectations
  • Non-smoker

Dr. Gigena will go over everything you need to know in your initial consultation to make sure the procedure is right for you.

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What Is the Recovery Process?

After surgery, you may experience bruising and swelling for the first two weeks. Your nipples, areolae, and breast tissue may feel numb for up to six weeks. Pain can be managed with medication prescribed by your physician. There may be tubes placed at the incision sites to drain excess fluid or blood. These will be removed after a few days. 

Dr. Gigena will give you a surgical support bra you will wear for the first few days. You will then be given a soft support bra to wear for the next month. During the first six weeks of healing, you must refrain from strenuous activities – including bending, lifting, and sexual intercourse – and sleep on your back to allow for proper circulation.

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