Accentuate Your Curves

Having increased in popularity, the butt lift is a highly sought procedure to create more perky and prominent buttocks to accentuate one’s natural curves. If you want to contour your figure, enhance your appearance in clothing, and boost your self-confidence, a BBL at MG Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ, can give you the body you desire. Not only does it lift the buttocks, but it also shapes the surrounding areas.

What Is a BBL?

As an advanced body contouring procedure, a BBL takes unwanted fat from another area of the body – such as the arms, back, thighs, hips, and abdomen – and repurposes it by injecting it into the buttocks to enhance the shape, adding volume and lift. Using liposuction, the procedure serves a dual purpose: decreasing the fat volume in the harvested areas and accentuating the augmentation of the buttock area. With a leaner overall figure, the buttocks appear proportionally more prominent and plump.

Meet Your Doctor

Because butt lift surgery is an advanced surgical procedure, choosing a board-certified surgeon ensures you are in the hands of a doctor that will create your desired look safely and comfortably. A double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Manuel Gigena brings technical skills and a warm, friendly bedside manner to help his patients feel at ease while transforming their bodies.

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How Does It Work?

Dr. Gigena will map out the areas where he will harvest fat cells. Performed under general anesthesia, the procedure begins with incisions in the donor areas. Using a fine cannula to prevent the formation of dents or lumps in the skin, liposuction removes excess fat and reshapes the region. With meticulous precision, the donor sites of the body are sculpted to the desired contour.

The fat suctioned from the donor sites is carefully purified in a centrifuge to remove impurities and separate the STEM cells. The purified fat cells are then evenly distributed in a series of injections to reshape and add volume to the gluteal area. Because the process uses the body’s cells, there is minimal chance of rejection, making the procedure safe and effective.


A compression garment must be worn over the treated area for the first six weeks to reduce swelling and aid in even healing as the body adapts to its new contour. Walking briefly the evening after your surgery will improve circulation and minimize any risk of clotting. Grafted fat is delicate after surgery, so you must refrain from sitting or laying directly on the buttocks during the first four to six weeks of healing. As the fat settles, it will form its own blood supply. Bruising and swelling gradually subside over the weeks as the body recovers.


Because the procedure utilizes your body fat, you must have a sufficient amount of excess fat to be considered a good candidate. Patients who want to undergo this procedure must be close to their goal weight since weight fluctuations can impact the results negatively. The best candidate is physically healthy and willing to quit smoking for at least three weeks before the procedure, as smoking can negatively affect healing.

Dr. Gigena evaluates each patient’s medical history, current health condition, and regular medications and supplements to determine if the procedure is safe. He will then perform a physical exam to identify the donor sites containing excess fat and customize a realistic treatment plan for your unique anatomy. If you seek a means to enhance your buttocks that looks and feels natural, a fat transfer BBL may be just for you.

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Enhance Your Figure

The effects of a BBL can enhance your entire figure, improving the overall contour of your body and boosting your confidence. With true artistic skill and precision, Dr. Gigena can sculpt your body to a shape that meets your aesthetic goals, with buttocks that you won’t ever stop looking at in the mirror. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step toward your most stunning physique.

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