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Laser hair removal can reduce unwanted hair on your face or body with minimal risk. Individuals from Scottsdale, AZ, choose MG Plastic Surgery for laser hair removal because we deliver exemplary results within a safe and comfortable environment that will surely put you at ease.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

A non-invasive treatment using light emitted by a gentle laser, laser hair removal targets the hair’s pigment (or melanin). As the follicle absorbs the light energy, the heat damages it, delaying future growth. Multiple treatments are required initially for complete hair removal, and some may also require maintenance treatments.

The treatment works best on people with fair skin and dark hair because the laser targets melanin. However, with the latest advancements in technology, the option is available for individuals with darker skin to receive laser hair removal. It is less effective for hair colors with less capability to absorb light – such as red, blonde, grey, and white.


In preparation for your laser hair removal procedure, your practitioner will instruct you to avoid sun exposure to the treated area and refrain from tanning for at least six weeks prior. Because the hair follicles must be present for the treatment, you must avoid waxing or plucking the area for at least four to six weeks. Shaving and trimming your hair will be necessary the day before your treatment because any hair above the surface could burn, resulting in potential damage to the skin.

What Can I Expect from the Procedure?

Patients will wear protective eyewear to shield their eyes from the intense laser beam. A cooling gel applied to the outer dermal layers increases patient comfort before each light pulse. Although pain tolerance varies in each individual, a topical anesthetic may also be used before the procedure.

The laser is activated while pressed against the skin, passing a light beam through the outer layer into the hair follicle. The heat from the laser damages the follicle and inhibits hair growth. While most patients experience minimal discomfort, the sensation of the laser can feel like a warm pinprick.

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You may experience redness or bumps following the treatment, but the recovery process does not require downtime. Patients can return to almost all daily activities immediately; however, you must avoid sun or UV exposure for four to six weeks after your procedure. Ice applied to the treated area can reduce discomfort, and a steroid cream will reduce any reaction to the skin immediately after your treatment.

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When can I see the results?

How many treatments will I need?

What are the risks?

When can I see the results?

The hair on the treated area does not fall out instantly. It may continue to grow, but the shedding continues gradually over days to weeks. Results can vary from one person to the next. Some may experience smooth skin for several months, and some last for years without new hair growth. Either way, the hair that regrows is typically finer and has a lighter shade. Long-term hair reduction may require maintenance laser treatments.

How many treatments will I need?

Because hair grows in a cycle, repeated treatments will allow the laser to remove new growth, ensuring total hair removal. Your practitioner will let you know exactly how many treatments you will need during your initial consultation. Generally, many patients benefit from having at least six treatments spread over several weeks.

What are the risks?

Laser hair removal is a low-risk procedure when correctly performed by a qualified practitioner. However, some potential risks include swelling, bruising, skin discoloration, redness, blistering, ingrown hair, allergic reaction, or scarring. Careful assessment of each patient reduces the risk of any adverse response to the treatment, and most potential reactions are temporary and heal with time.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Because the laser’s light targets a color difference between the skin and hair pigment, the treatment is less effective when the skin and hair have little contrast between them. Patients with fair skin and light hair will not receive successful results. 

Individuals with dark hair resembling their skin's melanin may also have ineffective results. However, there have been advancements in technology for treating patients with darker skin. Our qualified practitioner will evaluate your candidacy for optimal results.

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Remove Unwanted Hair From the Source

Laser hair removal requires a customized approach to suit each individual’s hair and skin. A qualified professional will deliver results that enhance your aesthetic goals while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment. At MG Plastic Surgery, we provide compassionate care of the highest quality to each of our patients, so you can rest assured that you are in the hands of an expert.

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