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For those planning to have a mastectomy or lumpectomy, breast reconstruction can occur at the time of breast cancer removal or at a later date. At MG Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ, we take great care in cultivating a compassionate and gentle experience, knowing breast reconstruction is a very personal decision. You can rest assured that you will receive a comprehensive and customized approach to meet your desired outcome.

What Is Breast Reconstruction?

Intending to shape the breast to look and feel as close to the natural breast’s shape, position, and size, breast reconstruction creates an entirely new breast, including the nipple-areola complex, utilizing one of several possible techniques. Some techniques that may be implemented include tissue expansion, breast implant reconstruction, and autologous (or flap) reconstruction, which harvests a flap of tissue from the patient’s abdomen, back, inner thigh, or buttock.

Meet Your Doctor

Breast cancer removal can be complex and emotional, and you need a caring professional to provide comforting and supportive care to ease your worries. Dr. Manuel Gigena deeply values his patients, which is why he has devoted his life to helping them feel confident in their skin. You can count on Dr. Gigena to bring warmth and artistic mastery to help restore a natural-looking aesthetic in this next phase of your healing journey.

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Reconstruction Techniques

Tissue Expansion

Before an implant may be placed in the breast, a tissue expander stretches the chest's available skin and soft tissues to create space for the breast implant. A balloon-like expander is positioned above or below the pectoral muscle and then gradually filled to stretch the tissue. Once the tissue has adequately expanded, a second surgery will remove the expander and replace it with a breast implant.

Breast Implants

This procedure utilizes a round or teardrop-shaped implant made of a silicone shell filled with a saline solution or silicone gel. The breast implant is placed behind or in front of your pectoral muscle. When the implant is positioned in front of the chest muscle, a special sheet-like material called an acellular dermal matrix provides additional support and coverage. This material integrates with the body’s collagen as it heals.

Autologous Reconstruction

Using your own tissue to recreate the breast, autologous reconstruction harvests tissue from another area of the body, resulting in a natural look and feel that resembles the original breast. Two distinct techniques are used to perform this procedure successfully: pedicled flaps and microvascular free flaps. 

Pedicled flaps leave the native blood supply intact while the connected tissue is moved to the chest wall. A highly advanced technique requiring significant precision, the microvascular free flap disconnects the tissue’s blood vessels and then reconnects them to the chest wall for reconstruction.


Each patient’s healing time will vary based on their unique anatomy, the extent of the procedure performed, and overall health. In general, soreness and fatigue may last several weeks following your surgery. Dr. Gigena will prescribe pain medication to help you to feel more comfortable while you recover. A surgical bra will be provided to reduce swelling and help with the healing process. Sleeping with your head elevated will also minimize swelling.

Most patients require at least six to eight weeks to return to regular daily activities. Dr. Gigena will provide a detailed recovery plan with instructions on how long to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous exercise. To ensure optimal recovery, it is recommended that you give yourself plenty of time to rest and recuperate. Although you may experience some numbness or tightness in your chest as it heals, some feeling eventually returns, and most scars gradually fade.

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Explore a New You

Following breast reconstruction, many women feel revitalized by how a symmetrical, natural appearance has been restored to their chest, creating a more proportionate figure that allows swimsuits, bras, and clothing to fit more comfortably. If you have lost one or both of your breasts, the process can enhance your self-confidence and help you feel like a new version of yourself.

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