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Our ears play a huge role in our appearance because they frame the face. If we have oversized or protruding ears, it can cause a lot of distress when we look in the mirror and walk through the world. Ear surgery in Scottsdale, AZ, can be a life-changing procedure for children who are vulnerable to being made fun of by their peers or adults who feel embarrassed to show their ears.

What Does Ear Surgery Treat?

Many causes for one or both ears to have aesthetic flaws may exist, and there are a variety of personal reasons one may wish to improve them. Otoplasty reshapes and repositions the ears, situating them to look exactly the way you want. Because the surgery solely changes the external structures, your hearing will be unaffected. The aesthetic perks of the procedure have the potential to boost your confidence as well.

Meet Your Doctor

Because of ear surgery's unique and individualized nature, it is vital to choose an experienced board-certified surgeon with a keen eye for artistic precision. Dr. Manuel Gigena cares deeply about the comfort and safety of his patients, making him an excellent option for both children and adults seeking ear surgery in Scottsdale, AZ.

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What Can I Expect From the Procedure?

Performed under local anesthesia, with the possibility of sedation or general anesthesia as options, otoplasty utilizes an incision behind the ear to move and reshape the cartilage. Precisely placed sutures reconstruct the antihelical fold to a natural-looking shape. Typically, the procedure lasts approximately one to two hours, and then you will experience a delightful, permanent change.


You will need to designate someone to drive you home after surgery. Even with mild sedation, operating a motor vehicle will not be safe. Dr. Gigena will fit you for a headband that you will wear for about two weeks, providing gentle compression by cradling the sutures while the cartilage heals. Minor bruising and swelling are typical signs of the body healing after your surgery, and they will subside within the first week or two.

During the healing period, you must refrain from rubbing, scratching, or manipulating your ears in any way so that the ears can acclimate to their new position and contour. After the first two weeks of recovery, you will only need to wear the headband at night for three to four more weeks to protect your ears while you sleep. During the day, you will want to keep your ears free from restrictive headwear or scarves, so your new ears can thrive in the fresh air.

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Who Is an Ideal Candidate?


To be considered a good candidate for surgery, children must be:

  • In good physical health without severe illness or active ear infections
  • At least five years old, so the cartilage is sufficiently developed
  • Cooperative and able to follow instructions
  • Able to communicate how they feel without voicing objections

Teens and Adults

For teenage and adult patients, good candidates for the procedure are:

  • In good physical health without a life-threatening illness or other medical condition that could impact their healing process
  • Individuals with realistic goals for their surgery and a positive outlook
  • Nonsmokers

Reshape Your Ears

The results of ear surgery are permanent, and you will be able to revel in renewed confidence once the healing is complete. Otoplasty rebalances these essential organs, making them proportionate and harmonious with the rest of your facial features. For high-quality, patient-centered care and results beyond your imagination, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gigena today.

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Great staff, friendly and efficient. Dr. Gigena is an excellent doctor and has a great sense of humor.

Dan Lane

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